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The Story Pipers

“Imagination really does not enter into the problem, because in telling fairy tales it is we (the adult) who do the imagining. The child only listens. (The young child) cannot distinguish well between real and the imaginary, between things that are possible and things that are merely “made up”. 

                                                                             -Times Education Supplement, 1919, reprinted in AMI communications, No. 2, 1975




Story Pipers is an initiative taken up by Dr Sneha and Amina Banu to provide children with books that are based on the real world. Being ardent believers of Maria Montessori’s philosophy, all the books are factual and realistic.

Where Does Paper Come From?

Ira is upset with Grandpa's addiction to newspaper. Find out how Grandpa cheers her up and tells the story of paper.

Where Does Jaggery Come From?

Zinya finds Aunty using jaggery for a special purpose. Zinya is interested in knowing where this healthy sweetener comes from.

Cotton to fabric

Zain discovers a strange thing in the storeroom of his father's shop. Soon, he finds out how this thing helps in making clothes.

Story Behind Packaged Milk

Manav gets packaged milk delivered to his home. But he does not know how milk is processed and packed in the packets. Someone is going to tell him the story of packaged milk.


Lots by Self is a reading series conceptualised with a notion that the child shall be able to read independently.

Grow up, caterpillar!

A caterpillar is feeding on a leaf in a botanical garden. Aiza wonders how it could be a butterfly’s baby. Let’s find out the story that Simone tells about the growing up of a caterpillar.

Sharing Food

Join Gauri, Shivam and Gopal on a forest trail where they discuss the eating habits of animals.

Strawberries ki Duniya

Riya's father postponed the trip to Mahabaleshwar to January. Riya wonders what is so special about Mahabaleshwar in January.

Jalebi Mein Ras Kisne Bhara

Heena, Nikhil, and Aman wonder how syrup is filled into their favourite curvy-turvy jalebis.

Monuments Series - Taj Mahal

Know the story behind one of the wonders of the world; an epitome of love.

Monuments Series - India Gate

Know the story behind the symbol of bravery and sacrifice of Indian soldiers - India Gate and Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Monuments Series - Qutub Minar

Find out more about the world's tallest brick minaret - Qutub Minar

Monuments Series - Hawa Mahal

What made Raja Sawai Pratap Singh build a mahal with 953 windows?

Monuments Series - Charminar

Find out what's special about the pride of Hyderabad - Charminar.

Monuments Series - Jaisalmer Fort

Apart from sand, there is something else in the Thar desert of Rajasthan which will leave you awestruck.

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To know more or to place an order, write to us at or whatsapp at 7702954286, 9910706263

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